We use the very best environmental products. We are committed to helping the eco system to use Eco friendly materials from the chemicals to the envelopes. Upon request (and no at no extra cost) we can even use chemical free products. This is especially beneficial for nurseries, schools or other areas where neutral yet high level of sanitation is important.

The Materials We Use

Friendly to aquatic life: chemicals are made from raw materials that have been chosen for their negative effects on the environment and particularly to aquatic life. They have very low bio-accumulation, which means they use less oxygen to perform their chemical reaction. This leaves more oxygen left in water for flora and forna.

Environmental friendly: made and produced from the best possible environmentally friendly materials, whilst still maintaining the quality and strength to fulfill the commercial demands of the user.

Made from sustainable materials: is made from materials that have come from sustainable sources. Meaning that they are made by reputable manufactures that have displayed a commitment to the economic and environmental welfare of others. The components of the product will not be from exploited workforces or insensitive and/or irresponsible production and pollution.

Recycled: is partly or entirely made from reclaimed and/or recycled materials.

Biodegradable: will completely biodegrade in water or decompose at landfill.

Cleaners we use do not contain harmful, toxic ingredients, such as phosphates, formaldehyde, synthetic parfumes.


Environmental Policy

Our aim is to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible and to continuously improve our environmental performance. We are committed to helping the environment to use ECO friendly materials and chemicals wherever possible.

Our Environmental Policy is available upon request.